Thrilling Film with Action, Suspense, Adventure & Skyjackers.

      This adventurous movie has been recreated from the original “Rip Off” aka “Road to Las Vegas.”  This Classic 70s movie “RIP OFF” can now be viewed on DVD.  This movie is about two Greek young men, John & Mario who are searching for that easy American Dream “Gold at the end of the rainbow.”  
     They cross the ocean on a ship from Greece to New York as stowaways & their adventure begins.  Follow them in this adventure & suspense in New York after they jump the ship and run from immigration as illegals.
     Mario gets involved with hookers, conman, and underworld crime.  John decides to cross the country alone. He meets two sex fun loving gals who offer themselves on a thousand-mile panoramic sexual odyssey.
     John & Mario meet in the glamorous classic city of Las Vegas and run away with money from the underworld…they end up on a plane with skyjackers. Reminiscent of D.B. Cooper’s climatic high thrills and skyjacker’s escape.   The movie is now available as a DVD.

ACTION with illegals from Mexico.


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Run time:  70 minutes
Feature Film
 Color:  Eastmancolor
Language:  English
Format: NTSC
Region:  All Regions